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--- Steven Wright

Eichler Lab

Department of Genome Sciences,
University of Washington

Bioinformatics Specialist

The Eichler lab is seeking an individual to develop computational methods and tools to assess the organization of recent segmental duplications and structural variation using next-generation Illumina, long-read single-molecule, real-time PacBio and traditional capillary sequencing technology.

For details on the job description or to apply, visit Bioinformatics Specialist Req#153919 &/or Bioinformatics Specialist #719-908*. Note, a cover letter is required along with a recent code sample that demonstrates your programming ability and technique. Please include a link to your code sample in your cover letter.

*Hiring institution is at the sole discretion of the investigator. Eligible candidates are welcome to submit applications via both reqs. Please do NOT contact Prof Eichler directly for this position.

Posted: 03/08/18