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--- Steve Martin

Eichler Lab

Department of Genome Sciences,
University of Washington

Danny Miller

Clinical Fellow
Office Phone: (206) 685-7336
Office Location: S413A
Email: dm1 [AT] u.washington.edu

Professional Experience

Clinical Fellow
Dept. Genome Sciences, U. Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
Pediatrics and Medical Genetics Resident
Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA, USA


University of Kansas Medical Center, Lawrence, KS, USA
Ph.D., Physiology
University of Kansas Medical Center and the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Lawrence, KS, USA

Research Interests

I am interested in using long-read sequencing to increase the rate of genetic diagnosis, shorten the time required to make a genetic diagnosis, and identify novel biological processes for further study in the laboratory.

Selected Publications

Miller DE, Sulovari A, Wang T, Loucks L, Hoekzema K, Munson KM, Lewis AP, Almanza Fuerte EP, Paschal CR, Thies J, Bennett JT, Glass I, Dipple KM, Patterson K, Bonkowski ES, Nelson Z, Squire A, Sikes M, Beckman E, Bennett RL, Earl D, Lee W, Allikmets R, Perlman SJ, Chow P, Hing AV, Adam MP, Sun A, Lam C, Chang I, University of Washington Center for Mendelian Genomics, Cherry T, Chong JX, Bamshad MJ, Nickerson DA, Mefford HC, Doherty D, Eichler EE. Targeted long-read sequencing resolves complex structural variants and identifies missing disease-causing variants. American Journal of Human Genetics. July 2021. PMID: 34216551

Miller DE, Cook KR, Hawley RS. The joy of balancers. PLoS Genetics, November 2019. PMID: 31697682

Miller DE, Staber C, Zeitlinger J, Hawley RS. Highly contiguous genome assemblies of 15 Drosophila species generated using Nanopore sequencing. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, August 2018. PMID: 30087105

Crown CN, Miller DE, Sekelsky J, Hawley RS. Local inversion heterozygosity alters recombination throughout the genome. Current Biology, September 2018. PMID: 30174188