...another sunset in nature would be nothing more than a very second-rate Turner.
--- Oscar Wilde

Eichler Lab

Department of Genome Sciences,
University of Washington

Peiyao Zhao

Postdoctoral Fellow
Office Phone: (206) 685-7336
Office Location: S433D
Email: pazhao [AT] u.washington.edu

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Fellow
Dept. Genome Sciences, U. Washington, Seattle, WA, USA


Ph.D., Biology
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA
Bsc/Mbiochem Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford 2013

Selected Publications

Klein, K.N.*, Zhao, P.A.*, Lyu, X*., Sasaki, T., Bartlett, D.A., Singh, A.M., Tasan, I., Zhang, M., Watts, L.P., Hiraga, S.-i., et al. (2021). Replication timing maintains the global epigenetic state in human cells. Science 372, 371-378. (*contributed equally)

Zhao, P.A.*, Sasaki, T.*, and Gilbert, D.M. (2020). High-resolution Repli-Seq defines the temporal choreography of initiation, elongation and termination of replication in mammalian cells. Genome Biol 21, 76. (*contributed equally)

Brueckner, L., Zhao, P.A., van Schaik, T., Leemans, C., Sima, J., Peric-Hupkes, D., Gilbert, D.M., and van Steensel, B. (2020). Local rewiring of genome-nuclear lamina interactions by transcription. EMBO J 39, e103159.