Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it.
--- Albert Einstein

Eichler Lab

Department of Genome Sciences,
University of Washington

Welcome to the Eichler Lab

Eichler Lab
November 2020
from left to right; top to bottom
David Gordon, Tonia Brown, Evan Eichler, Kendra Hoekzema, Tianyun Wang
Katy Munson, Alex Lewis, Philip Dishuck, Michelle Noyes, William Harvey
Yafei Mao, Mitchell Vollger, Xavi Guitart, Shwetha Murali, Madelyn Gillentine
Glennis Logsdon, PingHsun Hsieh, Peter Audano, Tzu-Hsueh Huang, David Porubsky
(not pictured) Ruiyang Li, Danny Miller, Gwen Ellis & Aria Tornabene