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Eichler Lab

Department of Genome Sciences,
University of Washington

Grant Support

Financial support for our research has been kindly provided by the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation. Private foundation support from the March of Dimes, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, W.M. Keck Foundation, Charles B. Wang Foundation, Rosetta-Merck, the Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund, Burroughs Wellcome, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Autism Science Foundation, Simons Foundation, and the Brotman Baty Institute (BBI) is gratefully acknowledged.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator (2005-2028) Eichler, EE.

NIH (R01HG010169) Sequence-resolved structural variation of human genomes. (2018-2028) Eichler, EE (Principal Investigator/PI).

NIH (R01HG02385) Sequence and Assembly of Segmental Duplications (5th funding cycle). (2007-2027) Eichler, EE (PI).

NIMH (R01MH101221) Rare Mutations and Autism Spectrum Disorders [Sporadic Mutations and Autism Spectrum Disorders]. (2013-2025) Eichler, EE (PI).

NIH (5U41HG007497) An Integrative Analysis of Structural Variation for the 1000 Genomes Project. (2013-2027) Lee, C (PI), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator), Korbel (Co-I), Marschall (Co-I).

NIH (1OT2OD002748) Northwest Genomics Center for All of Us. (2018-2023) Jarvik, G (PI), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator).

NIH (1U01HG010971) Center for Human Reference Genome Diversity. (2019-2024) Haussler, D (PI), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator), Hall, I (Co-I).

NIH (1U01MH119705) Leveraging rare genetic etiologies to advance knowledge and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. (2019-2024) Martin and Ledbetter (PI), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator).

NIH (1U01HG10973) Representing structural haplotypes and complex genetic variation in pan-genome graphs. (2020-2023) Chaisson (PI), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator).

NIH (1U01HG011744) University of Washington Mendelian Genomics Research Center (UW-MGRC). (2021-2026) Eichler, EE (PI), Bamshad (Co-I).

Simons Foundation (RFA 810018EE) Testing causal hypotheses for autism sex difference. (2021-2025) Chakravarti (PI), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator), Nowakowski (Co-I), Zoghbi (Co-I).

Weill Neurohub Investigator Proposal Mapping human-specific constraint and characterizing cell type specificity in recently duplicated genes during neurodevelopment. (2023-2025) Pollen (PI), Sudmant (Co-I), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator).


Brotman Baty Institute (2021 Catalytic Collaborations) Targeted long-read sequencing to resolve complex structural variants and identify missing variants. (2021-2022) Eichler, EE (PI).

Simons Foundation (RFA 713892) Copy-number variation and pathogenic variant analyses of SPARK exomes. (2020-2021) Eichler, EE (PI).

Simons Foundation (RFA 608045) Integrated CNV analysis of SPARK exomes. (2018-2021) Eichler, EE (PI).

NIH (R01MH109912) 1/3 Building Integrative CNS Networks for Genomic Analysis of Autism. (2018-2021) Geschwind, D (PI), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator).

Brotman Baty Institute (2019 Catalytic Collaborations) Long-read whole-genome sequencing of unsolved Mendelian cases of disease. (2020-2021) Eichler, EE (PI).

NIH (1UM1HG008901) Robust STR calling from High-throughput Sequencing Technologies. (2016-2020) Maniatis, T (PI), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator).

NIH (1U24HG009081) High Quality Human and Non-human Primate Genome Assemblies. (2016-2020) Dutcher, S (PI), Eichler, EE (Co-Investigator).

Simons Foundation (RFA 385035) Structural Variation and the Genetic Architecture of Autism. (11/01/15-04/30/17) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

NIH (5U41HG007635) Improving the Human Reference Genome Resource. (09/15/14-06/30/18) Wilson, R (principal investigator), Eichler, EE (co-investigator).

NIH (1U01NS077275) 7 of 7 Epi4K: Copy Number Variants Project. (09/30/11-08/31/17) Eichler, EE (principal investigator), Mefford, HM (co-investigator).

Simons Foundation (RFA 303241) Simons Autism Gene Characterization. (01/01/14-12/31/16) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation (11631) Genetic Mutation of HARs and Human Neurocognition. (08/01/13-08/01/16) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

NIH (1U01MH100233) 1/4-The Autism Sequencing Consortium: Autism gene discovery in >20,000 exomes. (09/01/13-07/31/16) Buxbaum (principal investigator), Eichler, EE (co-investigator).

NIH (1U01NS077303) 3 of 7 Epi4K: Sequencing, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Core. (09/30/11-07/31/16) Goldstein, D (principal investigator), Eichler, EE (co-investigator).

NIH (1P01HG004120) Human Genome Structural Variation. (06/01/07-06/30/14) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

American Asthma Foundation (10-0159) Comprehensive Analysis of the Effects of Copy Number Variation on Asthma. (07/01/10-06/30/14) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

Simons Foundation (RFA 191889EE) Whole Exome Sequencing of Simons Simplex Collection Quads. (01/01/12-12/31/13) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

Simons Foundation (RFA 137578) Genomic Hotspots of Autism. (07/01/09-03/31/13) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

NIH (U01HG0052209) Structural Genomic Variation Analysis for the 1000 Genomes Project. (07/01/09-06/30/12) Lee, C (principal investigator), Eichler, EE (co-investigator).

NIH (1U54HG004592-01) A Comprehensive Catalog of Human DNasel Hypersensitive Sites. (09/29/07-06/30/12) Stamatoyannopoulos, J (principal investigator), Eichler, EE (co-investigator).

NIH (1R01GM058815) Mechanism and Instability of Segmental Duplications (3rd funding cycle). (04/11/07-11/30/11) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

NIH (1R01HD065285) Genomic Identification of Autism Loci (ARRA). (10/01/09-11/30/11) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

NIH (1R01HD0043569) Segmental Aneusomy of Duplicated DNA. (01/01/03-12/31/08) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

NIH (U54HG002043) UW Genome Center Large-scale Sequencing Program. (04/01/03-03/31/06) Olson, MV (prinicipal investigator), Eichler, EE (co-principal investigator).

NIH (1R01ES10631) Genetic and Environmental Factors in Deletion Disorders. (04/01/01-03/31/06) Nicholls, RD (prinicipal investigator), Eichler, EE (co-prinicipal investigator).

NIH (1R01HG01847) X Chromosome: Sequence Variation. (07/01/98-06/31/01) Chakravarti, A, (prinicipal investigator), Eichler, EE (co-principal investigator).

NIH (1R01HG01955) Human Genomic Polymorphism. (01/01/99-12/31/02) Chakravarti, A, (prinicipal investigator), Eichler, EE (co-principal investigator).

DOE (ER62862-1013741-0005006) Sequence-Ready Characterization of the Pericentromeric Region of 19p12. DOE (10/01/99-09/30/02) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

NSF (DEB-9806913) Molecular Evolution of Pericentromeric Duplications. NSF (08/01/98-03/31/99) Eichler, EE. (principal investigator).

March of Dimes (FY99-0519) Chromosome Duplication and Instability in 15q11-q13. March of Dimes (02/01/99-01/31/01) Eichler, EE (principal investigator).

Charles B. Wang Foundation Center for Computational Genomics. (07/15/01-07/14/04) Joseph Nadeau and Yoh-han Pao (prinicipal investigator), Eichler (co-principal investigator).