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Download Current Version

The current bundled zip file is:

This is a zip of the directory parasight_v7.6 which contains the program, documentation, installation instructions and a demo program with 7 examples of parasight code. The examples are found within the examples directory.

To install the program and the example script for version 7.6.

1) Install Perl if not installed (most standard installs have all that is required).

  1. a. For unix see, although for most unix computers it is part of the standard install.
  2. b. For windows, try ActiveState Perl (

2) Uncompress the file file creating the directory parasight_v7.6

3) Directly within the parasight_v7.6 directory is the parasight executable, it should either be moved or linked into your bin path for ease of use. On windows machines that have installed ActiveState Perl (h the simplest solution is to place it in the Perl bin directory (usually C:\Perl\bin).

4) Check to see if parasight runs by typing parasight at a command line. You should get a summary of options.

5) If it doesn't work you may need to fix the path or install any modules such as Tk but only if it complains that they are not found.

6) Once you get parasight to run (i.e. list it's main options when run without any arguments), try changing to the examples directory and running –example 1 This is a cheesy scripted tutorial that will demonstrate some of the things parasight can do. This program won't run unless it can find parasight (i.e. after you put it in a bin directory). You need to execute in its directory so it can find the example data.

7) The other examples aren't scripted but they are examples to give you ideas of how you can use parasight and how you can go about accomplishing it.

Olderversion can be downloaded from these pages:

parasight version 7.4